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Our Story

Born out of a desire to share and celebrate my Zimbabwean cultural heritage as a person of dual citizenship raising third-culture children in Aotearoa, Kumusha seeks to bring together two seemingly disconnected worlds through art. Kumusha means ‘homeland’ in Shona, my mother tongue, and is about connection, belonging, and identity. In sharing my cultural heritage with other New Zealanders through art, Kumusha recognises the Shona version of Ubuntu, ‘Hunhu‘, which means ‘I am because you are’. We are all connected, and we all belong to each other. Kumusha is about our connection and belonging to each other through art. Kumusha is the Shona equivalent of Turangawae wae, the place where we stand. My hope and desire are that as I share my cultural heritage, others will find pieces that resonate with their own identity and heritage, thus connecting us further.

At Kumusha, we seek to connect two worlds through art. To promote a shared sense of belonging to each other and our homes, and to foster a love and appreciation of African art and culture.
Come home with us.

Our Brand

Our logo is of the acacia tree. A quintessential symbol for us of the African Savannah. Never do we feel more connected with Africa and Zimbabwe, than when we are driving across open grasslands with acacia dotted across the landscape, the wide-open spaces, promising endless possibilities, freedom and self-discovery. Our logo is clean, simple and timeless, speaking for itself. Because we want our art to be timeless and self-defining, interpreted by you. We want our brand and art to simultaneously foster a sense of endless possibilities, and nostalgia, like the savannah. 

Our Philosophy

At Kumusha, we work closely with our artists and support emerging African artists by buying their products at a fair price and connecting them with the wider world. Our current primary artist is a young man with a young family like ours. Our pieces come with a short bio of the artist, connecting you, the buyer, with the artist.

We will be working with women from former refugee backgrounds in Christchurch, New Zealand to create handmade crafts. We aim to support these women (and their families) as they build new lives and regain social and economic independence in their new home in Aotearoa. By creating a space for connection and creativity, Kumusha aims to promote a sense of community and belonging.

Our Products

Our sculptures are made mostly of stone from the geological family, Serpentine, which is both sedimentary and metamorphic. This hard stone is mined in small, open-cast, natural quarries by the artists themselves or locals, making little ecological impact, and providing an important source of income for communities. Colours range from yellow and green, through brown to black, and include black springstone, dark green opalstone, a yellow/green leopard rock, white dolomite, and purple cobalt. Springstone and leopard rock are the hardest varieties. Dense with fine grains and uniform structure making them ideal for sculpting.

Our handmade craft products are made here in New Zealand with materials from Southern Africa and New Zealand.

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Abstract Infinity

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 940x470x340 (mm).


Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 890x240x140 (mm)

Bird Family

Artist – Shephard Madyira

HxWxD = 920x450x220 (mm)

Abstract Wave

Artist – Shephard Madyira

HxWxD = 510x350x300 (mm)


Love Birds

Artist- Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 670x300x350 (mm)

Block Chain

Artist- Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 670x420x170 (mm)


Artist- Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 600x180x210 (mm)

Abstract Fire

Artist- Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 820x400x250 (mm)


Artist – Shephard Madyira

HxWxD = 430x160x80 (mm)

Nzou (Elephant)

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 330x340x230 (mm)

You and Me 

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 390x310x80 (mm)

Black Beauty

Artist – T Maisiri

HxWxD = 530x480x180 (mm)


Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 1150x260x260 (mm)

Whale Tail

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 180x610x150 (mm)

Abstract Green Opal 

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 780x330x320 (mm)

Natural Beauty 

Artist – Farai Mangenda

HxWxD = 360x210x240 (mm)

Whale Tail

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 300x590x130 (mm)


Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 380x180x130 (mm)

Pearl of Great Price

Artist – James Phiri

HxWxD = 530x300x250 (mm)


Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 260x400x300 (mm)


Artist – Tulani M

HxWxD = 550x200x250 (mm)

Big Hair Dont Care

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 740x270x150 (mm)

Little Elephants x4

Artist – D Dickson

HxWxD = 110x100x70 (mm)

Abstract Eternity

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 650x300x220 (mm)


Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 385x280x240 (mm)

Leopard Rock

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 140x230x80 (mm)

Lepidolite Woman

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 210x120x100 (mm)

Pangolin x2

Artist – Edmore Pikitayi

HxWxD = 100x180x120 (mm)


Artist – Edmore Pikitayi

HxWxD = 270x110x100 (mm)

Full Bodied x2

Artist – Ryan Jim

HxWxD = 200x100x80 (mm)

Circular Abstract

Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 350x380x130 (mm)


Artist – Ryan Jim

HxWxD = 230x140x70 (mm)

Eye Witness x2

Artist – L Offic

HxWxD = 340x70x60 (mm)


Artist – Gift Rusere

HxWxD = 220x170x80 (mm)


Artist – T Maisiri

HxWxD = 870x210x220 (mm)

I just wanted to let you know that Kerry and I are sitting in our lounge admiring the sculpture and turning it around to see the different angles. We both really love it. We are discussing the best place to put it – it will give us great pleasure deciding where to place it
Diane, Waimate

Recently during the Hurunui Garden Festival, I was able to purchase the sculpture “Willow” from Kumusha NZ. I think it would be fair to say it was love at first sight for me , and a very suitable self-gift for my recent significant birthday. Willow , being a bust of a horse – now takes pride of place in the rose garden – under a wedding cake tree. She is an ode to all the ponies who shared this space when It was a pony paddock – and reminds me of my stock horse leaning over the hedge and nibbling at my garden. It is a very tactile piece and I notice visitors often go up and run their hands over her in admiration. I smile every time I walk past her. Thank you Kumusha I shall be enjoying her for many years to come.

Meg, Hurunui

We recently purchased the Whale Tail. This exquisite piece of art resides in the center of our living space. It brings joy to everyone who sees it. A large conversation topic, we are privileged to tell the story of where it comes from. Thank you for bringing this art to New Zealand for us to enjoy

The Wright Family, Oxford

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